Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH

Meaning and Origin of the Group Name

The choice of the name of Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES is a contraction of:



Because this project was born of an understanding between brothers and sisters, and we wanted this fraternal bond that unites us to reflect the spirit of our company. We wanted to instill these values of living and caring within our company.


We wanted to combine this value with what we consider to be as valuable as fraternity: knowledge. As a figure of knowledge, we have chosen the name of the great scientist Abu Bakr Mohamed Ibn Zakariya Al-Razi, better known in Latin under the name of Razes.

Do you know who Al-Razi is?

Al-Razi is a multidisciplinary scholar who has made important contributions to medicine, alchemy and philosophy.

Some of his Contributions to Medicine:

  • He is among the first to apply chemical knowledge to medicine and to link the patient’s healing to a chemical reaction in his body.
  • He used his knowledge in chemistry for his medical activity, he can be considered as a founder of iatrochemical therapy (the use of chemicals to cure diseases).
  • He worked for the establishment of pharmacology as a separate medical discipline and the chapter devoted to it in his treatise Kitab al-Hawi will remain a reference until the 17th century in Europe.
  • He distilled alcohol from fermented starchy and carbohydrate substances, which he used in pharmacy for the production of drugs and remedies.
  • He was the first to mention sulfuric acid, which he called “vitriol oil” or “green vitriol”.

Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH