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Introducing GELPHORE

GELPHORE is a range of dietary supplements present for a ¼ of century in Algeria. GELPHORE is the intellectual property of Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES, which are not only the creators of the market but also the owners of the brand, the concept, the product and its strategic plan. Their broad field of expertise and the trust they have built up over the years with healthcare professionals and consumers have enabled them to position the brand as a market leader.

Royal jelly is the main component of the GELPHORE range. This royal jelly is the product of secretion of the glandular cephalic system of worker bees.

Some virtues of royal jelly:
  • Revitalizing and energizing, it increases the vital energy, providing a sensation of well-being.
  • Stimulating and invigorating, it increases physical, intellectual and sexual abilities.
  • Rebalancing of certain functions of the body that have become insufficient or suffering from disturbances.

Introducing Vivophore

Vivophore is a range of new generation dietary supplements of Spanish origin, manufactured on behalf of Provivo, subsidiary of Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES.

Vivophore products are made exclusively from natural and organic molecules. They are dedicated to the health and comfort of the whole family while respecting the metabolic functions of the body.

The production of Vivophore products follows the best practices and is subject to the most stringent conditions of hygiene, temperature, pressure and humidity. Microbiological controls are regularly scheduled to surpass the rigorous specifications established.

These products are the result of the latest scientific discoveries. They are developed from advanced assets that provide comfort, safety, and ease of use.

Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH