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Role of the Subsidiary

Our laboratory specializes in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products in different dry forms (sachet – capsule – tablet)

This industrial unit is our first experience in the field of manufacturing pharmaceutical products. During this decade, expertise and know-how have been acquired by a young and dynamic Algerian team which has been able to exploit the technological transfer of production techniques and quality control with foreign experts and technicians passing through Algeria.


  • Established: 2002
  • Product lines: 50 million units per year
  • Production capacity: 120 million products per year

Its Advantages

  • A young and dynamic Algerian team
  • Technological transfer of production techniques from foreign experts
  • Qualified experts and technicians to control the products
  • GMP-FDA compliant installations

Key Figures

2 Industrial clusters
3 Galenic forms (tablets, sachets, capsules)
50 Million units produced per year
19 Years of existence
120 Products (Forecast 2019)
80 Products are manufactured covering 12 therapeutic classes

Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH