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Role of the Subsidiary

Our laboratory specializes in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products in different sterile injectable liquid forms (ampoule – vial).

This is the second industrial unit in injectable form in Algeria. The technological and pharmaceutical complexity of this form being a challenge taken up by our group.

Our facilities and industrial equipment are part of the latest technologies, according to GMP / FDA standards.


  • Established: 2005
  • Product lines: 40 products for hospital and officinal use
  • Production capacity (bulbs): 150 million per year
  • Production capacity (flasks): 25 million per year

Its Advantages

  • Industrial facilities and equipment according to GMP-FDA standards
  • A control laboratory recognized and validated by the National Laboratory for the Control of Pharmaceutical Products (LNCPP)
  • The most efficient equipment to guarantee the quality of our products
  • Staff with multidisciplinary training
  • An entire quality assurance team to put pharmaceutical procedures in place for the development of production teams

Key Figures

2 Industrial clusters
3 Galenic forms
40 Products for hospital and officinal use
25 Million bottles per year
150 Million ampoules / year

Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH