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03 Feb 2020

How can we help the children of the moon?


Bottle caps to help children of the moon! 

Affected by a very rare hereditary disease (1 /1,000,000) known as Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) this genetic disorder affects the ability of skin cells to repair the damage done by ultraviolet (UV) light.

Children of the moon suffer from hypersensitivity to ultraviolet radiation, which prevents them from  sun exposure.

In the absence of total protection, the disease can cause them skin cancer and eye damage, sometimes associated with neurological disorders. The management of the disease has made considerable progress in the past years, but the disease remains difficult to live with on a daily basis. There is currently no treatment for it, and the symptoms can only be limited by applying drastic and very expensive preventive measures.

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Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH