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31 Mar 2020

Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES are committed to public health in the fight against Covid-19


Covid-19 refers to « Coronavirus Disease 2019 », the disease caused by a virus in the Coronaviridae family, SARS-CoV-2. Covid-19 is a life-threatening respiratory disease for people who are frail by age or another chronic illness. It is spread through close contact with infected people. The disease could also be transmitted by asymptomatic patients, but scientific data are lacking to attest with certainty.

What are the symptoms ?

Most affected patients experience headache, intense or transient fatigue, cough, fever or shortness of breath. Covid-19 is contagious also during the incubation period, which can last between 2 and 14 days. , until symptoms appear.

Coronavirus treatment.

At this time, there is no vaccine for Covid-19 or any natural health product authorized to treat or protect against Covid-19. If you have had a flu shot, it will not protect you from coronaviruses.

Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES are committed to public health.

Concerned about the health of Algerian patients, Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES reassure all health professionals and Algerian patients of the availability in sufficient quantity of injectable paracetamol thanks to continuous national production during these critical days.

It is our responsibility to act and deal with the Covid-19 epidemic and to provide our support, our means and our expertise alongside health professionals and caregivers, whose commitment requires our absolute solidarity.

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Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH