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Introducting our CEO, Dr. Abdelhamid CHERFAOUI

Doctor in Pharmacy and trained at HEC Paris in finance for executives, in the art of leading and developing high performance, Dr. CHERFAOUI Abdelhamid, is the Founder and CEO of Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES since 1992. He has been able, thanks to his vision, to fully integrate the professionalism required by the pharmaceutical industry in its international dimension with its multiple facets: economic, financial and managerial.

The experience capitalized during his professional career allowed him to build Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES on a solid basis of: ethics, scientific, technological, managerial and human potential.

The ethics segment of the pharmacy profession remains an unwavering constant and a major concern in any action taken within the group, thus prioritizing the scientific approach to the purely economic nature.

The scientific segment is focused on the pre-eminence of pharmaceutical development and therapeutic innovation to serve patients and to keep pace with the international scientific standards required by good manufacturing practices.

The technological innovation segment within the group has enabled the implementation of the latest production tools as well as constantly improved production and distribution processes.

The quality managerial segment through the certification by international firms, which allows the control of any behavior, directive, order and task within the group, in any circumstance. It reinforces the steering and the relevance of the decisions taken, whatever they are.

The group-level human potential segment is the backbone of the group and is receiving increased attention. It made it possible to trust young, freshly graduated, locally recruited staff and to enhance their value by providing them with training, habilitation and coaching programs at LFR Académie, the group’s training entity.

Word from the CEO

At the threshold of the third millennium, it is becoming more and more imperative to be sustainable not only in terms of value but also in terms of a guideline if we are to live up to the challenges that lie ahead in a world global and globalizing.

Dear colleagues! What is better than starting with this quote from Jacques Salomé, which illustrates the substance of our remarks:

«  Il ne suffit pas d’engranger les récoltes du savoir, du savoir-faire, ni de vendanger les fruits du savoir-être et du savoir-devenir, encore faut-il accepter de les offrir pour s’agrandir ensemble »

A company has its own biological rhythm. It passes inevitably by a fetal phase then signs its birth certificate, evolves during its childhood, sometimes crosses zones of turbulence at a pivotal period, which is between childhood and adulthood, then arrives at its adult stage where maturity is the main characteristic of its group personality.

The maturity of Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES makes it a completely autonomous entity in this globalized environment where only the performers, in terms of quality, are known and recognized.

Our challenges are numerous and adhere perfectly to the political will of our country, to build a pharmaceutical industry, allowing us to become autonomous and independent, thus investing the world of research and development.

Our vision and our journey have always been in symbiosis with our philosophy:

They are the true soul of Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES, and are based on four essential steps:


A decisive step in the conduct of the project, faced with the constraints and the harsh reality on the ground, we had to exist and be recognized as an important player in the pharmaceutical environment.


Obviously, notoriety cannot be consolidated or built without sacrifice. Faithful to our values and our principles which remain the basis of all our actions, our major concern is a better quality of care of the patient.


It is certainly the fruit of a fairness of thought, sought and achieved. Today, we can boast of the many excellent achievements made both economically and pharmaceutically while preserving the interest in health, which remains our main concern.


It results from the gains conferred by the first three stages. This is the stage of security. The continuity in our progress through the efforts previously made, will continue in a perspective of sustainable development, to ensure the long-term success of our group.

Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH