Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH

The Group’s Vision

Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES is convinced that a corporate mission is inevitably underpinned by a process consisting of a series of steps that must be taken into account to achieve a clear vision, leading to achievement of expected results.


To ensure that the quality of our pharmaceutical products can improve the health of citizens, while helping to foster synergy with our partners.


Converge towards a healthier world by becoming a pioneer in the quality of pharmaceutical products.


Capitalize our know-how and experience by continuing to invest in the training of our human resources, to best meet the needs of patients.


Since the creation of our company, our evolution has been marked by our values. These values, through which we have grown and continue to grow, are at the heart of each of our decisions.

In all that we do, we respect these seven fundamental principles:

Respect for People

Living together inevitably implies respect for people. Without this we will not be able to establish harmonious relations which should allow us to move in the same direction but also in the same direction.

Team Spirit

Listening and consultation are the source of our energy which leads us to this spirit of group cohesion.


Innovating, updating and being part of evolution represent an essential condition for the prosperity of Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES.

Spirit of Service

Beyond the activities of our Group, our responsibility towards society as a whole takes on its full significance in this spirit of service which drives us.

Industrial Excellence

The performance of our industrial teams is a living witness to this desire to make quality a major concern in the manufacture of drugs.

Respect for the Environment

Respect for the environment is an imperative that only materializes with this culture to which we strive on a daily basis for effective awareness raising.

Corporate Citizenship

Granting an interest in the community for one purpose of its well-being and comfort is not only a primary concern for our Group, but above all a duty which is inspired by our philosophy and our faith which consists in giving a soul to our commitments to the community.

Ambitions and upcoming projects

Project 1: Biotechnology
  • Objective: Contribute to national production by 60%
  • Entry into production: 3rd Quarter 2019
  • Project area and location: 2500 M²
  • Production capacity: 25 million units
  • Number of production lines: 04 lines
  • Number of products: 15 products
  • Employees: 70
  • Type of technology: Cell culture, synthesis and purification
Project 2: Oncology
  • Objective: Contribute to national production by 60%
  • Entry into production: 3rd Quarter 2019
  • Project area and location: 3000 M²
  • Production capacity: 10 million units
  • Number of production lines: 03 lines
  • Number of products: 20 products
  • Employees: 190
  • Type of technology: Highly demanding industry, requiring fussy technology for handling cytotoxic products

Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH