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In 1992

Foundation of Les Labroatoires FRATER-RAZES by Dr. Abdelhamid Cherfaoui

Right after the promulgation of the Law on Money and Credit, Dr. Abdelhamid CHERFAOUI created the pharmaceutical distribution company, which was the ninth in Algeria that time.

This distribution stage made it possible to gradually learn about the pharmaceutical sector in our country with its regulatory requirements, its needs, its channels and its expectations.


In 1996

Importing Medications

The import of pharmaceutical products was the logical continuation of the first stage of distribution. It was a crucial step in the national health policy in Algeria which aims to ensure equity and accessibility to treatment while controlling costs.

The ultimate goal was to satisfy the needs of the population.

In 2000

The creation of the first industrial unit specializing in the dry form

By complying with the clauses of the specifications put in place by the Algerian health authorities, the industrial adventure started by the packaging of products in dry form first and then by the manufacture of products from raw materials. It was from this moment that pharmaceutical development was born.


In 2009

Launch of the of unit specializing in the injectable form

After full control of the manufacture of the dry form intended especially for the pharmacy market, it was imperative for Les Laboratoires FRATER–RAZES to penetrate the hospital market dedicated almost exclusively to the injectable dosage form.

To do this, Les Laboratoires FRATER–RAZES have equipped themselves with state-of-the-art industrial tools through a unit specializing in injectable form (ampoule and vial).

In 2010

Manufacture of paracetamol injection of 100 ml

Controlling the production of this product was a challenge for our group. Meeting such a challenge represented a real technological achievement for us given the complexity of the process. We were the first to produce it on an African scale and the ninth on a global scale.


In 2011

Creation of the holding company "Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES"

Faced with the scale of our activity and the demands of the national market, the reunification of our companies under the aegis of a single holding was necessary. The holding SPA Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES was born with its various subsidiaries, each with its own financial and legal autonomy.

In 2013

The beginning of the work on the biotechnology production center

Launch of product development work for the biotechnology production pole in the form of vials and pre-filled syringes, for the manufacture of bio-like products.


In 2014

Creation of a new unit dedicated to the dry form

Construction of a new unit dedicated to the dry form for the production of bags, capsules and tablets, with a production capacity of 50 million boxes per year.

In 2017

Launch of the second dry form unit

This new unit, using the latest generation equipment, allows us to increase our production, from 10 million to 50 million units per year.


In 2018

Development of new production lines in injectable form

Faced with the ever-growing needs for pharmaceutical products, our Group has been able to create two new production lines for vials-ampoules, enabling the production capacities of vials to be increased to 25 million units and to 150 million units for bulbs.

In 2019

Birth of two new projects

Project 1: Biotechnology

Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES aspire to become a pole on the regional and continental level in Biotechnology.

Project 2: Oncology

As a second ambition, Les Laboratoires FRATER-RAZES want to contribute to the national production of drugs used in oncology up to 60%.


Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH