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Varenox ®

8000 UI anti-Xa/0,8 ml Injectable form Enoxaparin sodium


  • INN : Enoxaparin sodium
  • Form : Solution for injection in a pre-filled syringe by subcutaneous or intravenous route (initiation of treatment for myocardial infarction)
  • Dosage : 8000 UI anti-Xa/0,8 ml
  • Packaging : 02 pre-filled syringes
  • Indications : This heparin is a low molecular weight heparin indicated in:

– Prophylactic treatment of venous thromboembolic disease in surgery, in moderate or high risk situations.

– Prophylactic treatment of deep vein thrombosis in bedridden patients for an acute medical condition.

– Prevention of coagulation of the extracorporeal circulation circuit during hemodialysis.

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Our Knowledge Nourishes Your HEALTH